This is what the local press is saying about Liana’s Table

“And what about food? Deaton’s neighbors know they live near an opera singer, but many in town know him for his Liana’s Table catering and personal chef service.”   -New Haven Register March 11, 2012  
“When the chef-owner of Liana’s Table isn’t baking his signature quiches, the tenor may be singing the lead role in a Wagnerian opera.”   “Liana’s Table … is perhaps best known for its buttery, flaky quiche tarts.”   -Shoreline Times March 9, 2012

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Lime mousse Tarts

Lime Mousse Tarts Serves 6 Crust You can make your own crust by the method shown below, or you can pick up a pre-made pie crust in any supermarket, they are really quite good.   However, a homemade pie crust is a wonderful thing and not really that difficult. Ingredients All Butter Crust for Sweet and Savory Pies (Pâte Brisée) 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, plus extra for rolling 1 … [Read More...]


Shrimp Étouffée


Deviled Crab Dip

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A New Year, A Salute to New Orleans with Étouffée and Crab Dip!

So we all made it through the holidays and it seems that other than almost freezing to death we are unscathed.  I spent a number of years in New Orleans, a beautiful bouncing city of great food and great people.   Many people have written and spoken about the food mecca that is New Orleans, and I must admit I never tire of reading or hearing about it. I am often asked what my favorite food is, … [Read More...]


Do we always need dinner, or maybe just a snack?

As someone who gives, attends and writes about dinner parties, I am often asked when is it appropriate to have a dinner as opposed to a cocktail party, or when to just have a platter of light bites and drinks instead of a full-scale dinner? I love dinner parties, but sometimes it just isn't practical to have a dinner, but you want to see your friends and family.  Also, sometimes it is nice to … [Read More...]

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Anniversaries marking the summer! Berlin and Vienna twin cities of Food and Music!

I have always tracked birthdays and anniversaries of other people, but I have never been someone who really tracked anniversaries or benchmarks in my own career.  As we prepare for our event, From Berlin to Vienna, on August 24th. which I had planned almost a year ago.  I realized while speaking to an old friend, […]